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Re: Problem when using XXXX.pl files

On 12 Jun 2009, at 02:11, Paul Harwood wrote:
So I guess this goes in the to hard basket as I have stopped receiving replys

Hi Paul,

I'm afraid I have reached the limit of what I can think to ask via email. In the Linux world one must spend bit of time Googling, and using "trial & error" - working through logical steps & experimenting with different similar configurations to see if / why they do / don't work.

I'm fairly sure that if I was able to furtle around on your machine I could get it working. If you would like me to do so - remotely using SSH - then I would be glad to help - and afterwards explain the cause of the problem - at my usual rate of £48 per hour. Suggest you contact me off-list about this.

I return to using the painfull app on a windows machine as I can't find anything that satifatory and easy enough to get working on Linux.Which I guess is the same problem as main stream small business has, Hence the dominance of Windows.

I don't find this a terribly helpful comment. I have spent some of my free time trying to help you on this list as, I think, have others. I don't have any association with this project, or any financial incentive to volunteer my time on this list - I just like to help others, as others have helped me in the past.

Your statement suggests that Windows may be easier to set up, but painful to use. Linux simply requires a different way of looking at problems, and I'm afraid that can't be learned overnight. In fact, I now find Linux more comfortable to use for sophisticated servers, because I feel I can trust it. Any option in the configuration files is defined explicitly in plan text and, combined with the documentation available, I find that more reliable than a checkbox which may have only a few words of explanation next to it. Once I have set up a Linux server it tends to run for years with minimal maintenance.