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Re: Problem when using XXXX.pl files

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 06:11:40PM -0700, Paul Harwood wrote:
> Hi All
> So I guess this goes in the to hard basket as I have stopped receiving

I don't think that it's "hard" as such, just long and tedious. The
diagnosis question is: "Why is your web server thinking that you've
requested an index.php file when actually you have requested an admin.pl
file?" and that is down to the config, which we have not yet seen.

If you would like the problem solved by someone else, I suggest that you
tar up your httpd.conf file, everything in the conf.d directory and your
access and error logs for the web server and make that tarball available
for download. Only then will we be able to ascertain what your web
server has been configured to do.

> replys and I return to using the 
> painfull app on a windows machine as I can't find anything that satifatory and easy enough to get working on Linux.
> Which I guess is the same problem as main stream small business has, Hence the dominance of Windows.

You certainly could do that, of course, but you would be missing out on
all the LSMB goodness! Perhaps a better option would be to ask a hosting
company to install, host and manage the Ledger-SMB infrastructure for
you and then all you would need to do is open a browser and point it
to the app? This is essentially the Google Apps modus operandi, and a
great many small businesses seem happy with that.

Best of luck either way,

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