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Re: Problem when using XXXX.pl files

Paul Harwood wrote:
Hi All

So I guess this goes in the to hard basket as I have stopped receiving replys and I return to using the

painfull app on a windows machine as I can't find anything that satifatory and easy enough to get working on Linux.

Which I guess is the same problem as main stream small business has, Hence the dominance of Windows.



I stopped replying temporarily because I spent all of yesterday, after having a wound check, where I had a badly infected insect bite lanced two days earlier, by my doctor. It was recommended that I go to the hospital for an ultrasound to check for a blood clot in my leg or deeper infection. Luckily, after a lovely twelve hours or so of waiting, everything came up ok. (Luckily, the tornado also missed my house and the hospital, too!) Fun day! NOT!

But another reply states the truth. We can't do any more without a copy of all the .conf files.
Your problem is rather weird, and probably very easy to fix.
offering a 404 error for index.php is just plain odd.

You may place into one of the forum boards on ledgersmb.info copy/pastes of these files if you wish.
One board is for registered users, one is for anyone at all.
You can't post to the mailing list boards, these are for reading and searching only.

Chris Bennett

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