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Re: Forum and list management

David Tangye wrote:

I had just switched off the machine for the night, and suddenly it hit
me what a moron I was. I have been prattling on about censoring the
email list, and it dawned on me (thud!) that the only censorship
possible is to remove people from an email list. Emails, once sent,
cannot be intercepted. They go straight in to the list server and bounce
straight out. Sorry, that must have been obvious to you all. My only
question is: How come no-one asked me what planet I was from?

Because it is possible to stop the behavior you mention above by having moderated lists, which is what I thought you were getting at :)

Joshua D. Drake

As for forum messages, I guess they can be controlled, moved, whatever.
I guess that is a key difference between the two forms of group comms.

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