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Re: Forum and list management

David Tangye wrote:
In idea to throw in before the problem arises.

I suggest that the forum and list administrators should apply whatever
personal judgement they wish to censor any items at their discretion as

- Never delete anything, but
- Move items immediately:
  - If its a forum message, to a forum called 'Censored' or 'Open
Slather' or 'Flames' or whatever. That way possibly valuable info is not
lost, no-one can complain too much about being shut out, but flame wars
get collected into one place away from all the rest of the good topic
matter, and those wishing to continue them don't impact those wishing to
not read them.

Flames should be removed. People who flame, should be warned. If they do not heed the warning, they should be banned from the lists.

This should be a civil list at all times. I would strongly suggest we adopt the Ubuntu code of conduct for the *entire* project.



Joshua D. Drake


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