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Re: Forum and list management

I would ask two things:
1)  How should we react to someone  who behaves the way the good Nigerian doctor from the SQL-Ledger list behaves?  Obviously we want to ban him (I won't go into why I think Dieter allows him to post).
2)  How do we do this in a way that is sufficiently transparent to avoid the mistakes of the past with SQL-Ledger?  I.e. our initial security disclosure was deleted from the archives because Dieter thought it was inconsiderate.

Ideally, banning someone from  list ought to be a serious matter.  Removing posts ought to be done carefully and with some agreement among the moderators.    I don't mind having the Ubuntu code of conduct, but it will be helpful if there was also a strong commitment to transparency on the part of the moderators.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 9/13/06, Joshua D. Drake <..hidden..> wrote:
David Tangye wrote:
> In idea to throw in before the problem arises.
> I suggest that the forum and list administrators should apply whatever
> personal judgement they wish to censor any items at their discretion as
> follows:
> - Never delete anything, but
> - Move items immediately:
>   - If its a forum message, to a forum called 'Censored' or 'Open
> Slather' or 'Flames' or whatever. That way possibly valuable info is not
> lost, no-one can complain too much about being shut out, but flame wars
> get collected into one place away from all the rest of the good topic
> matter, and those wishing to continue them don't impact those wishing to
> not read them.

Flames should be removed. People who flame, should be warned. If they do
not heed the warning, they should be banned from the lists.

This should be a civil list at all times. I would strongly suggest we
adopt the Ubuntu code of conduct for the *entire* project.



Joshua D. Drake


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