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Re: Can sales orders affect inventory?

On 11/18/06, Stroller <..hidden..> wrote:

On 16 Nov 2006, at 20:52, Chris Travers wrote:

> I added feature request 1597990 to cover your confirmation screen
> request,
> Anyone have feedback about whether it should be optional or mandatory?

Do you mind if I pop in one or two more feature requests?

I can offer them up here for discussion first, or just put them into
the Sourceforge tracker & allow them to be discussed there.

Certainly add them to the feature tracker.  That is the only way we
can make sure we consider them when we get to some aspects of the
program.  You can also mention them on the list for additional
feedback, and chances are, we will mention them  in the proposal.

The first thing that comes to mind - if I've screwed up my inventory
& COGS - is to be able to do a stocktake.

Having entered 2 years worth of transactions into SL in order to get
a feel for the program before using it in anger, it's likely that
I've missed one or two. There are probably parts I lost the receipt
for & never claimed for against tax and there are likely to be parts
that I've given away & never billed for. So in the former case I'll
have parts in stock that aren't shown in SL & in the latter I'll have
parts that are shorter in real stock than SL believes.

When I've worked with stock control systems before they've had the
facility to print out a list of parts in stock & their numbers.

You can print out a parts report showing bin numbers and on-hand.  And
it can be sorted by bin.  Or are you looking for something else?

staff then go through the stockroom comparing this list with reality
& then have a screen on the stock-control system where they can enter
the actual numbers against the expected. The difference can then be
marked down as wastage (against some account, I believe).

Working on it.  But please enter as a feature request :-)

I can't seem to find this feature in SL & have never seen it
mentioned on the SL list.

I implemented it for another customer at one point.

I did have one or two other ideas for useful features, but that was
yesterday's 4am.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers