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Re: Can sales orders affect inventory?

On 13 Nov 2006, at 16:28, Chris Travers wrote:
Reposting invoices can screw up COGS and inventory accounts even if
you don't use the shipping module.  This has been discussed to death
on this list already and so I highly recommend that people don't
repost invoices.

I'm afraid I haven't been quite fully aware of this issue before now - I have only just gone live with SL this week - but I'm not quite clear how one can entirely avoid reposting an invoice.

I create customer invoices by entering SL's AR menu & clicking on "Sales Invoice". I enter the first half of the customer's name, "update" and select the customer from a list; I enter the part number & a quantity and the price & subtotal are automagically filled in; I email the customer their invoice as a PDF & when the browser returns to the "Add Sales Invoice" screen I see that an invoice number has been generated.

It is my understanding, however, that if I now close this window the invoice will be lost. Is that not the case?

If instead I click on "New Window" on the left-hand-side and in the new window click on AR > Reports > Outstanding, fill in no fields but simply click "Continue" all outstanding invoices should be shown. The invoice that I have just emailed is not.

If I go back to the first window, the "Add Sales Invoice" screen in which the details of the just-emailed invoice are still shown, I can press "Post". Only now is that invoice shown in the list of outstanding invoices... with, of course, an empty field in the "Paid" column.

When my customer writes me a cheque for the work done it is my instinct to go into this outstanding invoice, enter the date & amount of the cheque (what are the "Source" & "Memo" fields for, please?) and then click "Post". Have I now "reposted" that invoice in the way that is recommended against? Is there some other way to do this?

I suppose that when we get to re-engineering the invoice structure,
that the ability to really repost an invoice will go away (though we
may have buttons for "void" and "return."

I believe that it is "correct" for an accounting system like L-SMB never to allow an existing transaction to be edited. I can see that this is clearly desirable in any situation in which employees need to be audited or otherwise accountable. I am sure I am in the minority here, but I am a sole trader & nobody else has access to my SL system; it is therefore quite useful for me to be able to edit invoices when I have made a mistake.

For instance, I find that the great number of fields in the "Add Sales Invoice" screen make it a little difficult to read, and I find it easiest to print a copy of the invoice (or email a copy to myself) for proof-reading. If the printed invoice is correct then this goes in my permanent hard-copy records, but if I have failed to price an item then I must go back & edit it before emailing the corrected copy to the customer. I use quite heavy use of notes - eg: "Labour - 1 hour" might be followed by "Digging ditch", "Building wall", "Replacing roof tiles" or just about anything; I'm using Safari on the Mac & although I can call my browser's spell-checker for any field it does not seem to automatically underline words in the "Item Notes" fields in the way that it does in the multi-line "Notes" & "Internal Notes" boxes. I'm kinda pernickety & if I notice a spilling mistake - even a day or three after the invoice has been presented to the customer - then I like to be able to change it. I believe that in the UK this is quite legal, as it is the hardcopy invoice that is of relevance to the tax man; as long as the copy I keep is identical to that I give to the customer then that's what's important; the tax man will never audit my computer records because I am not required to have any, only paper records. I appreciate that correcting a spelling mistake in SL is fussy and that allowing my computerised records to have a different spelling (or otherwise different notes) from my paper records might also be seen to be "incorrect", but I prefer it that way.