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Feature requests.

On 18 Nov 2006, at 09:55, Chris Travers wrote:
On 11/18/06, Stroller <..hidden..> wrote:
On 16 Nov 2006, at 20:52, Chris Travers wrote:

I added feature request 1597990 to cover your confirmation screen

Anyone have feedback about whether it should be optional or mandatory?

Do you mind if I pop in one or two more feature requests?

I can offer them up here for discussion first, or just put them into
the Sourceforge tracker & allow them to be discussed there.

Certainly add them to the feature tracker.  That is the only way we
can make sure we consider them when we get to some aspects of the
program.  You can also mention them on the list for additional
feedback, and chances are, we will mention them  in the proposal.

Some that have sprung to mind - but which I don't immediately have time to flesh out fully - are: - ability to add custom headers in the email interface (ie: annoy Outlook users with "read requests" for your invoices). - option NOT to add email content to invoice's private notes. Annoys the heck out of me, that does. - ability to add notes & item notes to an invoice after it has been posted (without reposting, obviously).

I'd also LOVE a "quick search" feature in AR > Customers > Reports. I have a number of customers who own small businesses or who are otherwise self-employed and working from home and who'll call me and say "it's John Smith here, can you do some work for me". I search for "John" or "Smith" in Company Name, but it doesn't come up because the invoice has to be made out to JS Decorators Ltd.

So my ideal search would search both "Company Name" and "Contact" when I type in "John" - I would have thought it might be best to extend this throughout other modules. If I search outstanding invoices for Smith I would be glad to see "Smith Steelworks", "Julie Smith" and "JS Decorators Ltd. (contact John Smith)" in the results.

It seems to me that this might be an ideal "default" search mechanism, and that many of the search criteria in AR > Outstanding must be rarely used. How often does one want to search for outstanding invoices, but ONLY the ones that were shipped via Holland? I think it's most likely that one only looks up outstanding invoices when one wants to see all of them, or when Mr Smith has phoned to say "about this bill, mate".

I think that the advanced options (such as "salesperson", "ship via" and "period") could be easily hidden by cunning use of CSS - a click on "more options" would immediately reveal them to those who need them, without the necessity (I think?) of reloading the page. I would be glad to do some work on this, were my patches likely to be accepted.