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Re: Can sales orders affect inventory?

On Sat, 2006-11-18 at 08:28 +0000, Stroller wrote:
> > As others have pointed out, the
> > Cash->Payment/Payments/Receipt/Receipts screens are the places to
> > enter the payments against invoices.
> Is it just my imagination / incompetence, or is this The Interface  
>  From Hell (tm)?
> I seem to have to enter the amount TWICE and make absolutely certain  
> to tick the "select" box next to the outstanding invoice, otherwise
> a  
> new invoice, of negative amount, is created for the customer.
> Am I crazy?

Not entirely.

If you plan to pay invoices in full, don't fill in _any_ of the amount
fields. Just Select the customer, fill int the source/memo, click
update. Tick the selected checkbox by the invoices you wish to pay in
full, if you wish to partially pay an invoice tick the selected checkbox
and put the partial amount in the amount box on that line. Click update
and the main amount box will be calculated for you.

If you manually alter the main amount box it assumes you know what you
are doing.

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