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Re: Can sales orders affect inventory?

On 16 Nov 2006, at 19:42, Chris Travers wrote:
I'm afraid I haven't been quite fully aware of this issue before now
- I have only just gone live with SL this week - but I'm not quite
clear how one can entirely avoid reposting an invoice.

In a week, it is highly unlikely that you will have messed up your
inventory figures in any meaningful way.  The problem usually occurs
with volitile-priced goods and has to do with the way cost is
unallocated when the invoice is reposted.

I should have mentioned that inventory figures aren't that important to me, anyway - I just wanted to be sure that I somewhat have the right "process" when using SL.

Note that in a future
version, we probably won't give the ability to repost invoices at all
(instead, one will have to void, convert to credit, etc).  However,
reposting of invoices is *not* recommended under any circumstances due
to accounting concerns.

I think you're saying that I shouldn't be editing my posted invoices in the way I (long-windedly) described in my previous message.

In this case, is there any chance of a "confirm" screen when the "Post" button is pressed?

As I said in my previous message I kinda find the "Add Sales Invoice" screen hard to check... I guess because all the text-entry fields make it kinda "cluttered". This is especially the case if I have a long invoice of 20 or more items. It would be ideal for me to be see something like the confirm screens used by online shopping services when I click "Post".

If I "Print" an invoice in "html" to "screen", for instance, it is much easier to read, but I'm kinda paranoid about doing that - I think there's something that makes me want to post as soon as possible in case, in a moment of inattention, I close my browser window having forgotten to do so. Ideally, if I were to do this, the un-posted invoice would be saved as a "draft", and be shown incomplete the next time I log into SL.

In particular, being a sole-trader, a one-man-band and basically service-orientated, I never maintain prices for the hardware I sell. I mostly only buy things when my customers needs them, so I usually base my price on whatever I happened to pay for the item, but also my pricing is flexible. I often sell at little over cost but other customers expect to pay premium rates, or I might well bump-up the price on parts if, for instance, the customer has inconvenienced me unreasonably.

I don't want the hassle & regimen of maintaining price-structures for all the "stock items" that I don't really keep in stock, I just want to enter the price at the time of invoicing (this is usually the time of sale). But if I forget to do so - particularly easy if I'm filing a long invoice of pre-priced services with only one or two hardware items amongst them - then it is possible to file an invoice with items unpriced. An "are you sure?" screen would be very helpful - I appreciate it should be possible to sell things for £0.00, but this is not the same (to me!) as an empty field that I've forgotten to fill!!

It is my understanding, however, that if I now close this window the
invoice will be lost. Is that not the case?

You are correct.

I think this affects the automatically-generated invoice numbers, then? It would be possible to have numbers missing from the invoice if I decided not to invoice at that time.

As others have pointed out, the
Cash->Payment/Payments/Receipt/Receipts screens are the places to
enter the payments against invoices.

Many thanks!!