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Re: Can sales orders affect inventory?

Hi all;

Reposting invoices can screw up COGS and inventory accounts even if
you don't use the shipping module.  This has been discussed to death
on this list already and so I highly recommend that people don't
repost invoices.

I can come up with (somewhat contrived) scenarios where the financial
inventory account can be negative while items are in stock by
reposting invoices where the price of an item is particularly

I suppose that when we get to re-engineering the invoice structure,
that the ability to really repost an invoice will go away (though we
may have buttons for "void" and "return."

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 11/13/06, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:
Chris Travers wrote:
> Items are deducted from the inventory when shipped.

However, be wary of using the "shipping function".  I have found that if
you are in the habit of changing orders later, or re-posting invoices
(not sure of the exact scenario yet), then it leads to the inventory
levels getting screwed up.

I have reposted all my invoices for a couple of items that happened in
this way and was left with -5 items on hand, yet *no* invoices in the
system for the item.

As an aside I am nervous about how to fix this now.  Have been
re-creating some invoices with new part numbers for basically the same
item, but this leads to a whole nest of problems.  Is the inventory
level used to calculate the "stock levels" on the balance sheet...?

Ed W

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