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Re: PostgreSql Version

Hi John, thanks for the info...

Dapper _is_ 6.06, which I don't have installed anywhere (read below).
The equivalence with Debian is usually to Testing and some Unstable. My
arguments were more for Debian than for Ubuntu although I mixed the two
because I have Ubuntu 5.10 in my client machines and Debian Stable on
the servers, and only one Debian Testing on a test server. In Ubuntu
5.10 the most recent PostgreSql you can update to without pinning is
8.0.3. You would also have to check if Dapper "server" version has

I have the personal pledge to migrate all my clients from Sql-Ledger to
LedgerSMB, but I have many other applications also and all sorts of
dependency problems and security issues, so it's not that easy to have
the latest versions of everything.

Alejandro Imass

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 16:35 -0700, John Locke wrote:
> Hi, Alejandro,
> Alejandro Imass wrote:
> > IMHO, I don't think that you are going to get anything higher than
> 8.0.3
> > from any Debian or Ubuntu release at the moment, at least not
> easily. In
> > the next few weeks I will try Ubuntu 6.06 and Debian Etch (Testing)
> in a
> > new test machine. I will also re-format a server I have with 3.1r3
> > (Sarge) and use apt-pinning to try to get the latest pg 8 version
> and
> > let you all know. In any case, the issues with Debian and PostgreSql
> are
> > clear. If I have success with the Sarge server I will contrib a
> recipe
> > for doing this so you can include it in the README and/or the FAQ.
> >   
> Not true ;-)
> I haven't yet had a chance to install LedgerSMB, but I do have
> Postgres
> 8.1.4 running in Ubuntu Dapper, with no real issues installing it.