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Re: PostgreSql Version

Hi, Alejandro,

Alejandro Imass wrote:
> IMHO, I don't think that you are going to get anything higher than 8.0.3
> from any Debian or Ubuntu release at the moment, at least not easily. In
> the next few weeks I will try Ubuntu 6.06 and Debian Etch (Testing) in a
> new test machine. I will also re-format a server I have with 3.1r3
> (Sarge) and use apt-pinning to try to get the latest pg 8 version and
> let you all know. In any case, the issues with Debian and PostgreSql are
> clear. If I have success with the Sarge server I will contrib a recipe
> for doing this so you can include it in the README and/or the FAQ.

Not true ;-)

I haven't yet had a chance to install LedgerSMB, but I do have Postgres
8.1.4 running in Ubuntu Dapper, with no real issues installing it.

I don't remember exactly what I did to install it, but I don't recall
any particular difficulty with it either. This is on a clean, new AMD 64
server I just added to my network in June, with no previous OS of any
kind. Here are the packages I have installed:

john@shuksan:~$ dpkg-query -l |grep postgres
ii  postgresql-8.1                     8.1.4-0ubuntu1              
object-relational SQL database, version 8.1
ii  postgresql-client-8.1              8.1.4-0ubuntu1              
front-end programs for PostgreSQL 8.1
ii  postgresql-client-common           53ubuntu3                   
manager for multiple PostgreSQL client versi
ii  postgresql-common                  53ubuntu3                   
manager for PostgreSQL database clusters
ii  postgresql-plperl-8.1              8.1.4-0ubuntu1              
PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL 8

I'm nearing the end of a big development project with Postgres and PHP,
so it's been seeing some rigorous use ;-)


John Locke
"Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems"
published by Charles River Media, June 2004