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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens

Obviously my choice of words to describe the capability was neither sufficiently clear nor complete.

Setting a transaction date on a per session basis is no more of a kludge than setting a global default ... and neither should have any impact on the security of the system [non-repudiation requirements should necessitate an internal audit control {i.e. audit trail of user actions ... in particular those which affect change on data stored in the system} which is internal to the system and beyond the reach of the user].

In fact you could probably combine the features of a global, or per user, setting that give the user a choice of, say, a) using the current, system date, for entry of new transactions; b) the default date for new transactions is the date of the last transaction inputted into the system; or c) the user is prompted for the transaction entry date (i.e. session date) at login.

... just more fuel for discussion,


On 15-Apr-2007, at 00:59, David Tangye wrote:

On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 07:39 -0300, Roy Nicholl wrote:
One of the commercial accounting packages I used years ago (simply/
accpac?) would prompt you to set the "session date" when you ran it/
logged on.  The offered default was the current system date (simply
hit return and it was yours).   This allowed you to change the date
for initial data entry during that session.  I cannot recall if each
new transaction defaulted to the selected session date of the date of
the previously submitted transaction.
That's a similar idea, except its a bit of the kludge to virtually
transport you to a past date in entirety, when all you want to do is
enter some transactions for a past range of dates, eg 'catching up a bit on the books'. You should be able to still run reports, etc and not have
all dates in the app as though you were doing it another day. Actually
our security-conscious guys might look dimly at this sort of facility,
although an audit trail of the date change might placate them.

Further discussion might be best at sourceforge: [ 1700856 ]
User-preference for default date value in data
entry screens
http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php? func=detail&aid=1700856&group_id=175965&atid=875353

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