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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens

Setting the "session date" to something other than the current system date just means that it will be the value pre-entered in the date field when a new transaction is initiated. Ideally the presence of an audit trail mechanism internal to the system would make possible the ability record all actions of a given user using the system date at which each action occurred (regardless of the date entered for the transaction).

This would be not different than me sitting down to catch-up on my paperwork at the end of the week [Ok, at the end of the month :) ] and entering transaction on a Friday that occurred the previous Monday.

In short ... there's a difference between the date information entered as data and that used by the system for audit purposes.


On 13-Apr-2007, at 13:31, Peter Houppermans wrote:

Hmm, if all else fails you could always throw the system time out :-)

No coding required, just a good memory to reset on exit.

On a serious note, it thus appears that the date entry class has just
acquired a feature request. I'm 100% with you that making this specific to each entry would be overkill - as someone who'd have to set this up I
would lack a certain enthusiasm - not in the least because multiple
users means multiple (conflicting) desires and a lot of extra support work.

I like the session date idea, as long as there is some log that a user
entered the system with an altered date so it couldn't be used
"creatively" without leaving a trail somewhere.  Don't know what abuse
it could support, but my experience says there's always someone who will find a use.. So, on logon or on change from 'today' a quick log of the
request would be good.