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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens

I'm with the developers on this.

I can see why you're asking it, but the code impact is that every single date entry field will have to carry a conditional with matching config file entry, which is a lot of extra work and quite a potential for a typo to sneak in - for a target audience yet to be defined..

One question, though. I know it's not quite as handy, but won't cut-n-paste help you?

Alternatively, get a keyboard macro installed such as AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/), although I'm personally very wary of keyboard things sitting between me and where money or privacy lives (I don't use a wireless keyboard for the same reason :-). Remap a function key and away you go..

Agreed. I think the date thing is something users like me really want.
Throw the idea out as you see fit.
Simplicity != Removal of features.

Case in point: Google

The point, is that we will provide utility for people to do as they wish (templates). However, the stock install will follow the KISS principle with the purpose of insuring a quality experience for those that use QuickBooks or PeachTree.

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