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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens - ex 1.2.0-rc5 problem with cash receipt

One more quick point here since I didn't answer one of your questions:

On 4/12/07, David Tangye <..hidden..> wrote:
Hmmm, who is WE?

The statement of direction (which everyone more or less agreed with)
suggests that our primary target market is in the SMB area.  In short,
we want to replace everything from Quickbooks to midrange accounting
solutions (Dynamics, Sage, etc).  Certainly in the bulk of that
market, the tolerance for the need for technical knowledge to do
configuration as we see in Oracle is not going to be there.

Having worked
for Oracle, and installed countless software and database instances, I
can tell you that their default install became a one click no-brainer.
After that, if you needed to, you COULD change any number of defaults
and preferences, but most small and medium sites never touched anything.

Yeah, but....  none of the settings do them *any* good if they get
lost trying to change things.

99% of this should be in the building of custom solutions
(programmer-level) anyway.

>   But hey, if you want to pay me to help you navigate the configuration options, who am I to argue,
> but it shouldn't be a requirement.
If the default preference is set then you do not NEED to navigate the
options in order to start work. Its just an option to help others who
may not work exactly the same way as you do.

How much time do they want to spend looking for that right setting?

The standard joke about Oracle is that it has so many I/O settings
that you can hire a DBA full time to do nothing but tune your
database's I/O.  And it has so many setting per table that you can
hire another DBA full time to do nothing but tune the tables.  Our
target market will not tolerate that.

The fact is.... if we design the application right, stuff that needs
to be customized can be so done easily by programmers of moderate
skill, while the settings that users really *need* can be available.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers