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Default dates on transaction entry screens - ex 1.2.0-rc5 problem with cash receipt

I would like to have all transaction dates default to a user selectable
preference of either:
 - current date, or
 - last transaction date entered in the session
The user could swap the default at any time in the user preferences.
This would be very handy for much of the data entry I do, which is when
I am entering/catching up on the books for the previous week/month/etc.
In this case current date is ALWAYS wrong. For those who are recording
transactions as they happen, current date is best.

The more you set up user preferences to handle this sort of thing, the
more powerful and useful the system will become to the greatest range of

There is no reason why each transaction type, eg invoice, sales order,
purchase order, etc could not have its own preference setting.
Furthermore, perhaps each preference could be set/changed from its
relevant transaction entry screen.

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 00:36 +0200, Peter Houppermans wrote:
> 1.2.0-rc5 problem with cash receipt