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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens


Agreed. You could allow users to set a session date (in a manner similar those we have discussed in prior posts) for the entry of transactions, yet still have system-wide immutable cutoffs and date restrictions (i.e. once the books have been closed for a period, transactions cannot be entered for dates prior to the close date).


On 15-Apr-2007, at 08:31, Peter Houppermans wrote:

I like the session date idea, as long as there is some log that a user
entered the system with an altered date so it couldn't be used
"creatively" without leaving a trail somewhere. Don't know what abuse it could support, but my experience says there's always someone who will find a use.. So, on logon or on change from 'today' a quick log of the
request would be good.

Just in case you are saying what I think you are saying...
I am NOT saying that the computer system date should be changed
arbitrarily so LSMB can have screens populated with that date. That
would be a very bad idea, especially because other apps on the machine
would be thrown out. Please tell me that you are NOT suggesting this.

I'm not, although the idea is entertaining in a horrific sort of way :-). However, I remain by my observation that I'd like to have an idea of who is entering transactions later - there are procedural cut-off dates for such things so it would be nice to see how far away from the red line one operates.