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Re: Tallying hours was - Re: drafting invoices

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 15:45 +0200, Dave Coventry wrote:
> Very often the Invoice is already made out and ready to be sent, but 
> needs small adjustments or additional hours.
Isn't that contradictory: if it needs adjustments its not ready. Its
nearly ready. It could be considered 'draft' though :-).

> David Tangye wrote:
> > ps: pretty sure I needed to generate a sales order, then an invoice off
> > the sales order. Again, I wondered why was I forced to create something
> > just to cater for the needs of the system. I don't actually need an
> > actual sales order, that commitment is already established long before
> > the work and timesheet stage.
This earlier understanding is lacking. I now realise that the 'Sales
Order' is actually a Timesheet for signoff by the client as a basis for
invoicing. I guess the system should generate a document called a
'Timesheet' here, not called a 'Sales Order'.