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Re: drafting invoices

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, ..hidden.. wrote:
> This "draft" mode is useless for such an operation.   I do a lot of
> lurking here, and I believe a good number of L-SMB users are "casual"
> users who aren't accountants and are simply doing their best to keep
> some semblance of order in their record-keeping.

I was thinking much along the same lines - for us being able to alter 
transactions is a great boon, as is having the system not enforcing rules 
just because they are "best practice" (eg, many systems won't allow selling 
inventory into negatives which is just crazy for many businesses).

That said though, having the ability to set up SL to enforce rules would be a 
great boon for many other users (especially sites with staff). In our setup 
the only staff are the biz owners so trust is not an issue, but if you have 
staff then enforcing reversal and controlling edits becomes very important.

I would encourage any efforts to add business rule enforcements as _optional_ 
rules that can be switched on and off (by suitably authorised pesons only, of 

As for drafts specifically, I guess it would be helpful for some to be able to 
save invoices and other docs "in progress" - I wonder how much extra 
infrastructure is going to be required though to handle these "twilight zone" 
documents though - it ain't an invoice, and it ain't a sales order, it's some 
sort of embryonic thing that has no home in the current reporting or menu 
system, so some effort might be required in adding a new "state" for these 
docs. Others will likely have good ideas for solving this though so don't 
think I'm entirely against it, I just think it's not as simple as adding 
a "save" button to the invoice entry screen.

Personally I would probably want to turn drafts off - if you are doing an 
invoice, FINISH IT! It just opens up another hole for things to fall through 
imho, but I know it would suit some people's workflows better.

	Ashley J Gittins
	web: 	http://www.purple.dropbear.id.au
	jabber: ..hidden..