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Tallying hours was - Re: drafting invoices

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 13:02 +0200, Dave Coventry wrote:
> If I am doing a job for a client, I need to tally the hours that the job 
> has taken on the invoice (plus any incidental expenses).
In that regard, I did similar, and used the timesheet recording
facility, which worked quite well. The times can be used to generate an
invoice (maybe via a sales order, I forget now). I would have liked the
individual notes from each timesheet entry to carry right to the
invoice, so again, an option to allow that would have been good.

ps: pretty sure I needed to generate a sales order, then an invoice off
the sales order. Again, I wondered why was I forced to create something
just to cater for the needs of the system. I don't actually need an
actual sales order, that commitment is already established long before
the work and timesheet stage. It was just another example of the SL way
of doing things, ie 'This is the right way and this is the way you shall
do it.'