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Re: drafting invoices

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 07:44 -0500, John Hasler wrote:
> Joshua D. Drake writes:
> > I really don't like this Repost idea. It goes against basic accounting
> > principles. Isn't this what things like quotes and estimates are for?
> Yes.
No :-). A  quote is a quote. An invoice being drafted is not a quote. It
'might' be based on a quote, or there might never have been a quote.

Same applies to a sales order. Its not a quote. Its not an invoice. Its
a sales order. The flow is usually quote, sales order, invoice. Each is
optional. Why should the system force us to use a quote or sales order
when we just want to progressively create an invoice. That's not very

The issue of reversing, deleting, reposting invoices is another, if
closely related, issue.

Its not hard to have the system able to do the lot, and be either as
rigid or otherwise as the user/administrator wishes to have it. By all
means have the initial defaults set to 'rigid/best practices' if you
wish, just give users some choice. There seems to be plenty of sole
operator users who want flexibility over 'correctness'. I would be
happiest setting up for multiple user/end-clients if I can sell them a
system that is as flexible or as correct as THEY want/need.