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Re: Feature requests.

The user can then enter:
   Disposition-Notification-To: "Me Yu" <..hidden..>
   X-MSMail-Priority: High
as he or she wishes.

Hmmm...  that might be error prone...  One wonders about MTA's and
MUA's handling email with mysspelled [sic] ;-) headers....

An MTA/MUA will ignore all headers it doesn't understand. However, I do not think this is a feature that should be involved in LedgerSMB outside of standard headers that MUAs support.

A user should be able to use a check box to determine if they want the header sent with the email but arbitrary headers should not be allowed. That would just be a foot gun.

...  My own thinking is that some
things ought to be removed (like ship via) since they are probably
better covered in AR/Transactions.  Other things like Salesperson...
This doesn't affect me, but one might imagine a salesman wishing to
give his customers a call for a quick chat about their bills should
his commission depend upon it.  ;)

This seems to be leaning more in the CRM direction which LedgerSMB is currently not. There are plans to implement some CRM functionality into LedgerSMB for 1.3.


Joshua D. Drake