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Re: Modification requests

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 4:55 PM, Yves Lavoie, GaYLi
<..hidden..> wrote:
> Hi Dee,
> If it is only for MB Hydro, then that's easy. Define 2 new taxes and
> make them selected in this vendor definition. When you pay it will be used.

Looking for quite a while and can't see how you're doing this.
(My attempts)

Contacts form
sub Vendors
added abc power

Entered System/Taxes form
modified GST to 5% and PST to 1.3333% saved

'Create New Tax Form' - - - filled it out with country and description checked
accrual basis and an error code is thrown (Action Not Defined: save at
bin/lsmb-request.pl line 100.)

Add Vendor Invoice form
Vendor - - abc power
Number field - - - 1--abc    (Not sure what this means)
Description   abc appears - - - why?
Update (just to verify stuff) - - - error (Vendor not on file! at
bin/arap.pl line 151.)
Enter new (vendor)
enter info (have tried retrieve button on other items and it just
gives a new blank
now on Credit Accounts part of vendor form
What is the 'Number' field for?
give amount

check both taxes

Save New button

hit Vendor Invoice button - - - Error

try again
Save new button
Error  (duplicate key)

now get ECA Income Statement
click on pdf
get pretty - - - empty (!!) page

try again
'Add AP Transaction' form
abc power
give amount 231.01
tax form applied
'save' button

choice box
(I have entered abc power 3 times trying to get something to work)
choose control code with lowest #
back to 'Add AP Transaction' with another line

really not sure why I can't just have an invoice with one line

try schedule

oops that assumes that their schedule is regular (know its not) but
give it a 1 month and save schedule

back to the 'Add AP Transaction'

left with the Save Template button
back to same screen I just left

check in AP/Search
no listed transaction

check in AP/Reports/Outstanding
no listed transaction

check AP/Reports/Vendor History
input vendor name (nothing else)

OK - - - - I'm a little confused.
Have tried all the options and can't seem to enter an invoice (into
permanent register)

'Reports/Balance Sheet
shows liability

not sure how I find AP that are upcoming
how do I 'see' the entered Vendor Invoices (AP transaction) etc

haven't been able to get far enough to enter other transactions so that
I can check that there can be different levels of PST taxes

Sorry - - - I'm finding this all quite confusing

If this is too frustrating for you please indicate.


> You can have as many taxes as you like, check in the System menu,
> sub-menu Taxes, you define them there, along with your tax numbers, the
> validity period... So there is no problem with our German friends.
> Then, for any customer/vendor, you can pick which will be applicable,
> same for products and services. My company is based in Québec, I sell to
> Ontario customers, my services are specific for them and Ontario taxes
> applies.
> I'll check your other questions later.
> Yves
> On 2017-01-11 17:42, o1bigtenor wrote:
>> Recollected - - - its
>> 5. 5% GST and 1.33% PST and its for MB Hydro
>> Don't know if that's the only time but know the government I wouldn't count
>> on it!
>>> For the products, I would define copies of the original, 1 to 3,
>>> depending on the case, to cover the possibilities. For my Québec
>>> pastries example, I would have 2 products: Pastries (1 to 5), no taxes,
>>> Pastries TVQ+TPS applicable. Those are defined at product creation and
>>> you can select the appropriate product for the transaction.
>> I'm thinking that this is an area where there could be less hard coding.
>> I mentioned the German system because there are 3 different sales taxes
>> and there is only room on the system for 2. Surprised that no one else has
>> asked about this. Am thinking what is needed is something like the
>> present and then a way to add another tax to the formula. (Could have a
>> hard limit on the number but might be useful to not have that either.)
>> The change in tax from 5% to 0% is sometimes governed by quantity - - -
>> not so much from 1 to more than 6 but rather in moving from what is often
>> called retail quantities (1 to 10 kg) to bulk (25kg units, 750 - 1000 kg units
>> or by truck/rail car loading (varies)). Guessing you haven't run into that
>> particular gotcha yet.

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