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Re: Modification requests

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 11:52 AM, Yves Lavoie, GaYLi
<..hidden..> wrote:
> Hi Dee,
> Sales taxes have their definition in System > Taxes, where you can
> represent them properly. Here's my example for Québec.
> Taxes
>                     Rate (%) Min Taxable  Number  Valid To  Ordering Tax Rules
> HST - Nova Scotia    15.000      0           ?                  1      Simple
> HST - Ontario        13.000      0           ?                  1      Simple
> TPS                   6.000      0           ?   2007-12-31     1      Simple
>                       5.000      0           ?                  1      Simple
> TVQ                   7.950      0           ?   2007-12-31     1      Simple
>                       7.875      0           ?   2010-12-31     1      Simple
>                       8.925      0           ?   2011-12-31     1      Simple
>                       9.975      0           ?                  1      Simple
> Province and Federal rules on the applicability of said taxes, usually
> here by vendor/customer, and we support that in their entity definition,
> just click there which taxes are applicable for each vendor or customer.
> I have seen cases where the number of items influence the tax
> applicability, pastries, for example are taxable in Québec when you buy
> less than 6. We do not support that, yet we may in the future. I will
> issue on tax applicability by the number of items. Meanwhile, you can
> define different items and taxes to reflect grouping effect and comply
> with you specific province regulations.

It gets even more interesting than that.

Here I would options that go like this:
1. 0% rated GST and PST
2. 5% GST and 0% PST
3. 0% GST and 8% PST (mostly insurance products but not limited to that)
4. 5% GST and 8% PST (the most common)
5. 5% GST and 1.?% PST for some thing (not remembering what)

what gets more interesting is that for certain products beneath quantity x
(which varies by product) tax is applicable and over it becomes 0% rated.
This can make things interesting depending on which way your transaction
is going. Then it depends if a product is shipped in from another province
or not, when selling am I selling in province or out of province - - - those
questions are re: PST (GST is more pervasive).
With all this I remember shaking my head at the tax levels in Germany.
There was a low tax (2-3% or so) then there was was 7/8% one and then
there was a 19% tax rate never did get an understanding as to the details!
Taxation regulations are, IMO, some of the most convoluted masses of
verbiage I have ever encountered.

Handling this possible variability is something that I'm really not sure
how to define in lsmb's tax tables. Any ideas?

Thanking you for your assistance and consideration.


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