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Re: Modification requests

On 2017-01-09 14:10, o1bigtenor wrote:
> Have spent some more time looking through lsmb and have found some
>>> things that are going to be issues for my use of lsmb.
>>> 1. Entering an AP invoice - - - there seems to be only 1 item allowed
>>> on an invoice. I all too often get invoices with multiple items,
>>> occasionally even more than 15 items.
Update will refresh the page, so will pressing Enter on a text field in
the line you are entering.
Enter will activate the default button, which is usually the first in
the button row. It felt natural.Asked the question because nothing
suggests that there can be multiple lines.
> Just looking at the 'Add Vendor Invoice' page. There is nothing to suggest that
> update does that. Looked in the manual as well and there is no hint that multi-
> line is possible. When one knows its possible - - - well then you poke around
> differently.
The best course of action for this is to add an issue. It will be
evaluated, discussed and will remains in our todo list until fixed.
Check https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/issues for details
>>> 2. There are items where there is a business use of a personal
>>> expense. For example gas for my car. The rule (formula that I use) is
>>> 80% item personal, 20% item business and the tax(s) get divided in the
>>> same way. Is there a some way to create a plug-in that could  be
>>> called for specific items (say one account #) where such a division of
>>> costs is then automatically created.
>>> I would enter item as date, gasoline purchased, amount, taxes and the
>>> plug-in would then change that so there would be 4 accounts debited
>>> rather than just the overt 2.
>>> (This kind of thing with different formulas gets used for a number of
>>> different things. Think a home office and its attendant costs or share
>>> of total costs (electricity, water, waste, heat, interest and
>>> communications come to mind) for something very common.)
I handle that with expense charts for me and my employees. They get
imported later in the proper accounts by a custom module I developed for
my company and some customers.
We did discussed about allowing add-ons and providing ways to add
specific functionality like that but this is not even started yet.

The problem is how can we provide an flexible enough module to handle
specific rules like yours.
> I would guess then that you are paying more taxes than you need to.
Not really, we found ways to enable our businesses and our customers to
deal with specificity but haven't yet installed a generic way for
everyone in the software.
> However there are likely multiple ways of doing this.
>> The first one that comes to my mind is to use "Assembly's"
>> These are essentially a single representation of multiple items.
Assemblies are built from different items. You are just discussing where
is the line drawn between an assembly and its components.
> Looking at a 'General Ledger Transaction' it might be possible to use some
> kind of 'Save Template' kind of thing.
Let me know of your findings on that, it looks interesting.
> In the poking and prodding I'm doing on lsmb I'm finding that it is not
> possible to know what fields need to have values and which should be filled
> out by the system (consecutive numbering of whatevers) or should be linked to
> some other part of the system. No much mention of any of this in the manual
> either.
The software and the manual are improved frequently. But we focused more
on delivering version 1.5 and answering users recently than on updating
the manual. If you have talents for writing user documentation, you are
welcomed to help.
> I am also using lots of electronic transactions. Not sure I want to link things
> from banks (really don't trust them much) directly into lsmb. Is there any way
> to expedite entering electronic transactions. (Thinking paying a
> utility bill, or the automatic insurance or . . .    .)
LedgerSMB is an accounting software. We do not have direct links to
other systems currently and some of what you discuss should be handled
by your bank, not by the accounting software.
We currently import banking statements in CSV. They could be imported
directly but that is not the case yet.
> Been using Ledger-cli for a while. Works fine but as I'm looking at something
> where I want to off-load the record keeping (I'm starting another enterprise)
> Ledger-cli works great as a single user system but its challenging for someone
> who isn't into cli and its definitely NOT multi-user.
LSMB works great as a multi-user system with separation of roles.
> Thanking you for your assistance and consideration!


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