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Re: Modification requests

Hi Dee,

If it is only for MB Hydro, then that's easy. Define 2 new taxes and
make them selected in this vendor definition. When you pay it will be used.

You can have as many taxes as you like, check in the System menu,
sub-menu Taxes, you define them there, along with your tax numbers, the
validity period... So there is no problem with our German friends.
Then, for any customer/vendor, you can pick which will be applicable,
same for products and services. My company is based in Québec, I sell to
Ontario customers, my services are specific for them and Ontario taxes

I'll check your other questions later.


On 2017-01-11 17:42, o1bigtenor wrote:
> Recollected - - - its
> 5. 5% GST and 1.33% PST and its for MB Hydro
> Don't know if that's the only time but know the government I wouldn't count
> on it!
>> For the products, I would define copies of the original, 1 to 3,
>> depending on the case, to cover the possibilities. For my Québec
>> pastries example, I would have 2 products: Pastries (1 to 5), no taxes,
>> Pastries TVQ+TPS applicable. Those are defined at product creation and
>> you can select the appropriate product for the transaction.
> I'm thinking that this is an area where there could be less hard coding.
> I mentioned the German system because there are 3 different sales taxes
> and there is only room on the system for 2. Surprised that no one else has
> asked about this. Am thinking what is needed is something like the
> present and then a way to add another tax to the formula. (Could have a
> hard limit on the number but might be useful to not have that either.)
> The change in tax from 5% to 0% is sometimes governed by quantity - - -
> not so much from 1 to more than 6 but rather in moving from what is often
> called retail quantities (1 to 10 kg) to bulk (25kg units, 750 - 1000 kg units
> or by truck/rail car loading (varies)). Guessing you haven't run into that
> particular gotcha yet.
> Any ideas re: other questions in my previous email?
> Dee

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