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Modification requests


Have spent some more time looking through lsmb and have found some
things that are going to be issues for my use of lsmb.

1. Entering an AP invoice - - - there seems to be only 1 item allowed
on an invoice. I all too often get invoices with multiple items,
occasionally even more than 15 items. These items can be 1. 0% tax, 2.
5% GST, 0% PST, 3. 0% GST, 8% PST and 4. 5%  GST, 8% PST. The last is
definitely the most common but the others do show up. Would rather not
create a separate invoice for every item (which seems the present
method) and the variabilities of the tax system need to be accounted
for and tax rules per item would seem to be useful.

2. There are items where there is a business use of a personal
expense. For example gas for my car. The rule (formula that I use) is
80% item personal, 20% item business and the tax(s) get divided in the
same way. Is there a some way to create a plug-in that could  be
called for specific items (say one account #) where such a division of
costs is then automatically created.

I would enter item as date, gasoline purchased, amount, taxes and the
plug-in would then change that so there would be 4 accounts debited
rather than just the overt 2.

(This kind of thing with different formulas gets used for a number of
different things. Think a home office and its attendant costs or share
of total costs (electricity, water, waste, heat, interest and
communications come to mind) for something very common.)



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