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Re: Is LSMB really suitable for the public?

On 4/24/07, Joshua D. Drake <..hidden..> wrote:

> I am also in the IT biz (even write Perl for a living), but I'd rather spend my
> Perl hacking time on something else.  After a very cursory (and unsuccessful)
> attempt at getting my existing SL installation migrated to LMB, I've just been
> lurking here, watching other user's attempts and waiting for some success stories
> before I give it another go.
Folks wishing to migrate from SL are going to continue to have problems.
Especially as we move to 1.3. SL is so fundamentally
broken that we have no choice but to break compatibility of upgrades to
make the software work correctly.

I would add that the SL database schema is broken on a mathematics
level (relational algebra issues).  Even if and when data migration
scripts exist, they will not cover all possible problems and if
something goes wrong, I can pretty much guarantee you will need
someone who is knowledgeable to fix the upgrade cycle when the
database upgrade does not go smoothly.

Hopefully we can get some more developers to get involved to help write
some migration scripts. If we don't
then people will still have some significant problems as our priorities
are elsewhere.

Again, even if the migration scripts exist, I believe that a
significant number of SL users may have inconsistant data in their
databases, and in these cases, that will need to be sorted out before
a migration can go smoothly.  Currently, the areas we fixed are not
ones which are not as critical to the functioning of the software.
However 1.3 will make migrations with bad data a *lot* harder.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers