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Re: restore database errors

> I do not really follow all the postgres mobojumbo about ownerships and
> roles and all nor do i really care.  However i really really need this
> system to work ASAP i cannot print invoices or enter daily transactions.
> Could you possibly explain it to me so i can understand and make things
> work as you may have noticed i am extremely frustrated.  Sorry to be a
> pain but i did not find a solution in either of the last posts and when
> i try to login i get this error please help and thank you kinly in
> advance.

Well, LedgerSMB is very much a postgresql system, so you'll want to learn
your way around database management in postgresql before trusting your
accounting data to be stored in it. You could find yourself in a much
worse spot than not being able to get started, such as deleting a dataset,
or running an unplanned update query from another program.

That said, the best way to get your feet wet with postgresql IMO is the
pgadmin3 GUI.

pgadmin3 has the inspired feature of displaying the SQL commands for
everything it does through the GUI. You'll learn very quickly what the
commands are for adding a role, permissions to that role, and likewise
with dataset management.

I highly recommend working with it to get comfortable with postgresql, and
to more closely examine your specific issues with LedgerSMB installation.