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Re: Is LSMB really suitable for the public?

I've been working on converting a client from a MS Access based accounting app to SQL-Ledger. Recently I've decided to go with LedgerSMB instead.

I still need to check out compatibility, but I created several scripts to take text files that I dumped out of the old app and run them into SL using LWP.

Item import
Assembly import
Customer Order import
Purchase Order import

Additionally I created scripts to automating the invoice posting and cash application - although they still need a little work.

I'd like to see if I can contribute to the effort for migration scripts. How can I contribute?


Joshua D. Drake wrote:
I am also in the IT biz (even write Perl for a living), but I'd rather spend my
Perl hacking time on something else.  After a very cursory (and unsuccessful)
attempt at getting my existing SL installation migrated to LMB, I've just been
lurking here, watching other user's attempts and waiting for some success stories
before I give it another go.

Folks wishing to migrate from SL are going to continue to have problems. Especially as we move to 1.3. SL is so fundamentally broken that we have no choice but to break compatibility of upgrades to make the software work correctly.

Hopefully we can get some more developers to get involved to help write some migration scripts. If we don't then people will still have some significant problems as our priorities are elsewhere.

Joshua D. Drake

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