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Re: restore database errors

I am using pgadminIII aready the only instructions i could find on your website are the upgrading ones. These do not seem to apply as i have a broken version of sqlledger on one server and a new version of smbledger on the new server.  All i need is to transfer my data set to the new server which i think i have done but i get this error when i try to login to ledgersmb


SELECT value FROM defaults
WHERE setting_key = 'version'
ERROR: relation "defaults" does not exist

----- Jeff Kowalczyk <..hidden..> wrote:
> > I do not really follow all the postgres mobojumbo about ownerships
> and
> > roles and all nor do i really care.  However i really really need
> this
> > system to work ASAP i cannot print invoices or enter daily
> transactions.
> > 
> > Could you possibly explain it to me so i can understand and make
> things
> > work as you may have noticed i am extremely frustrated.  Sorry to be
> a
> > pain but i did not find a solution in either of the last posts and
> when
> > i try to login i get this error please help and thank you kinly in
> > advance.
> Well, LedgerSMB is very much a postgresql system, so you'll want to
> learn
> your way around database management in postgresql before trusting
> your
> accounting data to be stored in it. You could find yourself in a much
> worse spot than not being able to get started, such as deleting a
> dataset,
> or running an unplanned update query from another program.
> That said, the best way to get your feet wet with postgresql IMO is
> the
> pgadmin3 GUI.
> pgadmin3 has the inspired feature of displaying the SQL commands for
> everything it does through the GUI. You'll learn very quickly what
> the
> commands are for adding a role, permissions to that role, and
> likewise
> with dataset management.
> I highly recommend working with it to get comfortable with postgresql,
> and
> to more closely examine your specific issues with LedgerSMB
> installation.
> http://www.pgadmin.org/
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