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Is LSMB really suitable for the public?

Hi all,

I am concerned that there have been a lot of problems with LSMB lately
that have required quite a degree of software expertise to fix. In fact
it is becoming apparent to me that those with little software expertise
are struggling to get the app up and running, whether a fresh install or
migration from SL. After all the goodwill and effort being made here, I
find this as disappointing as I am sure many others do. While I spent 20
years in IT, and therefore can understand the fixes etc, and can hack
sql if needed:
 1. I do not want to do this. I want the install to do everything right,
the first time.
 2. 95% of computer users will not have a clue what the heck you are
talking about and will not have a hope of installing/migrating.
Furthermore most do not have the time nor inclination to become
software-proficient just to get LSMB up. SQL, postgres mumbojumbo,
hotfixes, cpan, svn, hack this tex here, that perl there ... and on and
on and on. Forget it, they will stay with Windows and Quickbooks, MYOB
etc etc.

Without prattling on about this any further, can I just ask/suggest that
the developers:
 1. Stop doing functionality extensions/improvements
 2. Get the basics right.
 3. Set up and adhere to a better more comprehensive system test
strategy, and stop releasing any further stuff in future until it is
properly tested.

I have held off migration from SL, because this trend of broken releases
is concerning me, and I am seeing no evidence of any attempt to control
releases properly. In fact I am seeing too much hackering here. This is
not the way to convince many people to jump into the software, because
there appears to be too much risk that it will keep breaking in future
releases, and I never back horses that keep breaking down.

It seems that the developers here suffer the same problem I have seen in
many software efforts: techos lost in their own world, unable to
understand that their end user is NOT as cluey as them in software
matters. Half the time you might as well be speaking Martian.

If the purpose of this project is to build and accounting or ERP system
for I.T. folks, say so. Actually I raised the point months ago about
defining your target market/user base, and no-one really had much to say
about that. I therefore surmise that the target market is not clearly
defined, or else is implicitly 'us developers on behalf of our specific
customers, whom we set up anyway'.