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Re: Is LSMB really suitable for the public?

On Tue, 2007-04-24 at 08:23 -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

> Folks wishing to migrate from SL are going to continue to have problems. 
> Especially as we move to 1.3. SL is so fundamentally
> broken that we have no choice but to break compatibility of upgrades to 
> make the software work correctly.

Problems notwithstanding, I feel way more comfortable with your
approach. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

But the discussion begs the question:

Are the problems all related to migration?

If I dump my old SL system and start again, should I expect problems
with a clean install? Our financial year ends 30 June, and my intention
was to switch over with a clean, empty database on 1 July.



PS: (Strictly for the pedantic) I know that's the wrong usage of "beg
the question" ;-)