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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens

Chris Travers wrote:
On 4/13/07, Roy Nicholl <..hidden..> wrote:
Not necessarily...

One of the commercial accounting packages I used years ago (simply/
accpac?) would prompt you to set the "session date" when you ran it/
logged on.  The offered default was the current system date (simply
hit return and it was yours).   This allowed you to change the date
for initial data entry during that session.  I cannot recall if each
new transaction defaulted to the selected session date of the date of
the previously submitted transaction.

David's original proposal seemed to me to have a setting for the
default that either goes to the last date entered or the current date
globally and gave a usage case for that.  I think that is a proposal
worth discussing.

However, he also proposed having separate subsettings for order entry,
journal entries, invoices, ar/ap transactions and the like.  I don't
think anyone else in the community seems to think that is a good idea.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

This here is a feature that I would use. If it isn't to hard to program in I would love it!

It would work great for me if you could just set the default when you logged in, and that would be how it would stay until you logged out.