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Re: Default dates on transaction entry screens

Hmm, if all else fails you could always throw the system time out :-)

No coding required, just a good memory to reset on exit.

On a serious note, it thus appears that the date entry class has just acquired a feature request. I'm 100% with you that making this specific to each entry would be overkill - as someone who'd have to set this up I would lack a certain enthusiasm - not in the least because multiple users means multiple (conflicting) desires and a lot of extra support work.

I like the session date idea, as long as there is some log that a user entered the system with an altered date so it couldn't be used "creatively" without leaving a trail somewhere. Don't know what abuse it could support, but my experience says there's always someone who will find a use.. So, on logon or on change from 'today' a quick log of the request would be good.

David's original proposal seemed to me to have a setting for the
default that either goes to the last date entered or the current date globally and gave a usage case for that.  I think that is a proposal worth discussing.

This here is a feature that I would use. If it isn't to hard to program in I would love it!

It would work great for me if you could just set the default when you logged in, and that would be how it would stay until you logged out.

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