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Re: Error! Cannot connect to datasource...

On Fri, April 6, 2007 09:46, Chris Travers wrote:

>> I'm confused by the "Confirm Password Change" dialog.  When I set
>> up the new user and click "Save", I'm prompted with a pop-up dialog
>> to "Please confirm which user you are changing the password for".
>> In the list is:
> I usually tell my web browser to cancel on that popup.  That is
> firefox, right?

>> So I went into the admin interface again, changed the password for
>> ProblemUserName, answered the dialog.  This time my password has no
>> special characters, and ProblemUserName can now login.  When I
>> change the password back to the original (contains an = sign).  I
>> get the DBI connect failure error message.
> Ok, the = sign is a known problem.  Currently passwords cannot
> contain = or & (because the SQL-Ledger codebase uses these to delimit
> fields from the query string or posted content) but this should be
> changing as soon as we can get away from the issues of legacy code.
> I would hope CGI.pm does a better job of handling this sort of thing.
So the equal sign in my password is the root problem.  I can live with
changing that for now.  Thanks for all your help!