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Re: Error! Cannot connect to datasource...

On Thu, April 5, 2007 22:16, Chris Travers wrote:
> None of these raise red flags.
> The error you are getting happens when the DBI connect call happens
> without a proper connection string.  Normally we retrieve this from
> the user account, and you can log in the first time, so this seems to
> be stored properly.
> I don;t have a system I can test properly yet.  But here are a couple
> things to try:
> 1)  Try creating a new user account and see if that one can connect.

> 2)  What version of Perl are you using?  5.8?

I'm confused by the "Confirm Password Change" dialog.  When I set up
the new user and click "Save", I'm prompted with a pop-up dialog to
"Please confirm which user you are changing the password for".  In the
list is:


Neither of those two choices are my new user.  So I clicked the <> and
pushed OK.  Amazing, now the new user can login, logout, login again.

So I went into the admin interface again, changed the password for
ProblemUserName, answered the dialog.  This time my password has no
special characters, and ProblemUserName can now login.  When I change
the password back to the original (contains an = sign).  I get the DBI
connect failure error message.