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Error! Cannot connect to datasource...


I am attempting to migrate from SQL-Ledger 2.6.16 to LedgeSMB 1.1.10
and having a problem.  Because I still want to run SQL-Ledger on the
same HTTP/PostgreSQL server, I've done the following...

PostgreSQL 8.1.4:

# pg_dump -Usql-ledger -f sql-ledger.dump sql-ledger
# createuser -S -d -R ledger-smb
# edit sql-ledger.dump file and change references from user sql-ledger
to user ledger-smb

# createdb -Uledger-smb ledger-smb
# psql -Uledger-smb ledger-smb < sql-ledger.dump


# tar -cf - -C /usr/local/www/sql-ledger/2.6.16 . | \
  tar -xpf - -C /usr/local/www/ledger-smb/1.1.10

# tar -cf - -C /usr/local/www/ledger-smb/ledger-smb . | \
  tar -xpf - -C /usr/local/www/ledger-smb/1.1.10

# vim /usr/local/www/ledger-smb/1.1.10/users/{*.conf,memebers}
here I change references from sql-ledger to ledger-smb

# Edit httpd.conf with new include file ledger-smb-httpd.con
# apachectl restart

# /usr/local/www/ledger-smb/1.1.10/SL2LS.pl

Web Browser:

Point firefox to http://example.com/ledger-smb/

Login with the existing username/password.

I get a message that it's upgrading to 1.1.9 (even though I downloaded

Voila!  I see the new LedgerSMB interface!   Then I log out, and when
I log back in again, I get:

You are logged out!


Can't connect to data source , no database driver specified and
DBI_DSN env var not set at LedgerSMB/Form.pm line 1337

I've tried the process twice and get the same results each time.  Any
ideas what I'm doing wrong?