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Re: Thinking of switching from SL 2.8.0

Our codebases are diverging relatively quickly, but we really haven't
worked out the data migration issues yet.  And there are certain known
problem cases where you will certainly need to wait for 1.3.

Basically, if you use vouchers, credit/debit notes or invoices,
multiple addresses, or a few of the other new features, you may want
to wait for 1.3.  Otherwise, you have a few options:
1)  Wait a few weeks or a couple months for us to work out the migration issues
2)  Pay someone to migrate the data,
3)  Re-enter what little data you have, or
4) (if available), go back to a back-up from 2.6.x and migrate.

In general the first two are not affected by the amount of data in the
database, but may be affected by any use you have of the new features
in SL 2.8.0.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/6/07, ..hidden.. <..hidden..> wrote:
Hello all,

Obviously the ledger-smb project is more active and alive than the SL project.
I'm thinking of switching.  The good news is, our system doesn't have that
much accounting data in it, and I'm a long-time SQL and perl person, so if I
need to go in and do stuff, I could.  The bad news is, it looks like SL 2.8.0
is somewhat different.  I guess I should wait for ledger-smb 1.3.0 or later,
or wait for some more experience about switching.

Any thoughts on this?

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