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Re: Number of Taxes on an item or service

Hi Chris,

Is there any interest in a payroll module for LSMB?

I am very sure there is a lot of interest for both Canadian and
American payroll modules for LSMB.  I know of two American companies
working on payroll modules for LSMB, but I also know Canadian payroll
is different.

I've been maintaining and fixing a local regional college accounting system (including payroll) since about 1990 (in Quick Basic! (grin)). I've been rewriting the deduction formulae for a long time... It's definitely long in the tooth but still prints payroll cheques just fine...

obtuse...  I guess that works as well as any word I can think of.

We try to be as clear as possible, but we still have a lot of SL code
in the application.

Yes, certainly understood. Thanks for your help.