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Re: Number of Taxes on an item or service

Hi John;

Based on my conversations with Seneca (Ontario) and Chris Murtagh
(Quebec), I think I can answer some of these questions.

On 4/5/07, Les Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi John,

Are they side by side taxes or do some apply on a 'new total' from a
previous tax? (ugly, I know).

In 1.2.0, taxes are calculated in iterations.  I know that in Quebec,
the PST is cumulative on GST and we handle that.

If taxes using the "simple" module (the only one supplied) are listed
at the same iteration, they are not cumulative.  If not, each later
iteration adds on the earlier one.

This does not handle questions like "If I buy a muffin in a coffee
shop in Toronto, is it taxable?"  If you want to answer that question,
you will have to write your own tax module or ask Seneca for help :-)

Secondly, do some taxes apply only to particular items while other taxes
apply to other items, so that each item has a particular 'mix' of taxes
that apply?

Yes.  That is common.

I was thinking of setting _4_ taxes are worst case scenario in the table
structure... with some being left NULL; controlled by values in
configuration file.

I don't know of any place that has more taxes than that, but I could be wrong.

LedgerSMB does not enforce a limit.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers