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Re: Number of Taxes on an item or service

Hi Chris,

So there would have to be some sort of identifier to mark certain taxes as
uniformly applied and others as variable (and therefore stored with
particular transactions in my app).

You can do that.  Note that with the modular sales tax structure of
1.2.0, you can write a tax module to calculate taxes based on whatever
criteria you want (number of items purchased, what else was on the
invoice, where the item was shipped to, or other arbitrary criteria.

This would have to happen in OA, since the transactions would be generated there and then exported to LedgerSMB. We want to report on total A/R for all students/families, accept payments, etc. within OA... effectively a limited A/R module.

I don't know.  I would suggest checking with a CPA about the best way
to do it.  Since in all cases there would be records indicating where
an item was shipped, I would think it could go into the same account
and then broken out later, but I don't know.  In your case, though,
that might not work so well.

Agreed. I want to avoid too much complexity and leave that to Ledger-SMB where I can.

I'm interested in generating the journal transactions in my app (Open
Admin) and then exporting them to ledger-smb. For this to be useful in
your area, I would have to know all of your account numbers for these Tax
Payable accounts (stored in OA) and then tag the transactions with the
appropriate account numbers.... these tax things make everything so...
ugly! (grin)

What language are you working in?

OA is written in Perl also. Uses DBI interface to talk to MySQl or PostgreSQL. LaTeX reports. CGI module to do I/O, etc. Pretty much exactly like LedgerSMB, I think.

You may find some parts easier to
run through LedgerSMB tax module.  That way you can have uniform
handling between the school front-end and the accounting back-end.

I'm not sure how I can do that... any ideas welcome. OA is _very_ simple in most spots.

I have a fees design document, if interested, at:



Les R.
Openadmin for Schools
North Battleford, SK, Canada