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Re: Number of Taxes on an item or service

Les Richardson writes:
> Are they side by side taxes or do some apply on a 'new total' from a
> previous tax?

All "side-by-side" here, but I have seen mention of "tax on tax" either
here or on the SL list.

> Secondly, do some taxes apply only to particular items while other taxes
> apply to other items, so that each item has a particular 'mix' of taxes
> that apply?

The sales taxes are uniform in application here but there are US
jurisidictions with special tax districts (usually to subsidize stadiums)
where the special tax applies only to certain goods.

> I was thinking of setting _4_ taxes are worst case scenario in the table
> structure... with some being left NULL; controlled by values in
> configuration file.

While I am subject to a maximum of three different sales tax rates, I must
itemize total sales and tax collected by county and special tax district.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA