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Re: Site for LedgerSMB Forum

OK, I will wait to see what you come up with and work within those guidelines The site is currently very rough so I need to do some more work before any links are "officially" given out. I never intended to keep the look that the site has now, it was just intended as a quick way to throw up something suitable for feedback and testing. If you would like me to change the domain name, that is not a problem, since it only cost $0.99 for the first year.

I understand the desire for clear separation of responsibility. While I don't intend to let anything bad happen, mistakes do happen and I fully agree that should reflect on me, not the project, if it happens. I will let you know when the site is ready for a link. Until then I would appreciate anyone visiting the forum to weed out any problems. There is a problem with some people registering and their email with the password is bouncing.
This problem definitely needs to be fixed first.

Chris Bennett

Chris Travers wrote:
Just to expand on this-- the other reason for asking people to take credit for infrastructure beyond our control is that it shows people that we *do* have an active community who are involved in the pushing the project forward. It is nice to show that off a little :-)

I will be submitting draft guidelines on both -core and -devel today for community-contributed sites.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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