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Re: Site for LedgerSMB Forum

I completely agree with what you're doing -- as a contributor to other open-source projects I can attest that mailing lists only benefit project developers and some technologically-literate users. Mainstream acceptance only comes when there is an active user community. That can't happen on a Mailing List. That's not what they're designed for.

As a matter of fact, I usually require the existence of an open Forum before seriously considering any software for use or recommendation. To date it has been the perfect litmus test. Since then, I've never picked any dead-end projects or orphaned software.

I'm considering making an exception in this case because no other decent OS accounting package has an active open forum. At least you guys are starting one.

But you have to commit to it. Put all your eggs in the basket -- put a link to the Peer Support Forums on the www.ledgersmb.org main menu. Submit to the search engines. People will come -- you just have to let them know where it is and talk like you expect to be there forever. Don't be apologetic. The core team's already said they like the idea -- they just want to make sure that you get credit for it.

What you propose to do is so vitally important to the success of this project.

BTW, dont try to integrate the Mailing List. Ive never seen an implementation that people (well, the average user) liked. The can both exist separately. Its not an either-or thing.