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Re: Site for LedgerSMB Forum

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..hidden.. wrote:
> I completely agree with what you're doing -- as a contributor to other  
> open-source projects I can attest that mailing lists only benefit  
> project developers and some technologically-literate users.   
> Mainstream acceptance only comes when there is an active user  
> community.  That can't happen on a Mailing List.  That's not what  
> they're designed for.

*cough*, *cough* hardly.

> As a matter of fact, I usually require the existence of an open Forum  
> before seriously considering any software for use or recommendation.   
> To date it has been the perfect litmus test.  Since then, I've never  
> picked any dead-end projects or orphaned software.

Sorry but this is so off compass. PostgreSQL, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS,
Apache, Jakarta, I can go on and on and on.

> But you have to commit to it.  Put all your eggs in the basket -- put  
> a link to the Peer Support Forums on the www.ledgersmb.org main menu.   
> Submit to the search engines.  People will come -- you just have to  
> let them know where it is and talk like you expect to be there forever.
> Don't be apologetic.  The core team's already said they like the idea  
> -- they just want to make sure that you get credit for it.

We already have a growing user base, every single day.

> What you propose to do is so vitally important to the success of this project.
> BTW, dont try to integrate the Mailing List.  Ive never seen an  
> implementation that people (well, the average user) liked.  The can  
> both exist separately.  Its not an either-or thing.

If we do forums, you will likely loose the people that are most able to
help. Mailing list is where it is at, and proper disclosure of the
mailing list and insuring a friendly atmosphere will insure that.


Joshua D. Drake

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