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Re: Ledger-smb-devel Dual units of measure

Steve Redler IV wrote:
> Chris Travers wrote:
>> However, I am wondering if it would be better to have multi- rather
>> than dual- unit support.  I.e. one vendor may sell an item in 5lb
>> cases, while another vendor may sell them in 10lb cases.  Of one could
>> create multiple purchase unit types with conversions, then that
>> problem would be removed.  Similarly, one could use unit definitions
>> to provide volume discounts.
> Indeed, multiple units of measure for each item is ideal. I mentioned 
> dual units just for simplicity. The volume discounts are also an 
> important component related to this.
I have a client who manufactures springs. They have a custom app based
on FilePro (not FileMaker), which calculates how many of a given part
they can get out of a spool of wire, based on inner/outer dimensions,
width, thickness, and estimated waste. If we can come up with a schema
that could be extended to provide such calculations, I could probably
get them to jump to LSMB pretty easily...


John Locke
"Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems"
published by Charles River Media, June 2004